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Body FX Pre Launch

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*****Hey readers–it looks like I have been getting a lot of traffic to this post.  People have been itching to know about the Body FX Pre Launch.  But here’s the rub…I was a Charter Coach with Body FX and I have found that this company really just does not live up to the hype.  They tried to compete with Team Beachbody–and failed.  So–in this detailed article, I will give you my personal experience with Body FX and why Team Beachbody is still the number one fitness and nutrition opportunity on the planet.*****

I am not one to cross-promote companies, but when I found out about a new dog in town, I decided to check out Body FX.  I joined, I used the products, I did the workouts.  And I have found that Team Beachbody just eats this other company up.  The Body FX Pre Launch was mostly promoted among marketers–top marketers in fact–who were looking to make money with something new.  I joined thinking I would be building a highly profitable, successful online business–but ended up wasting my time.

The HYPE behind the Body FX Pre Launch

Obviously this new company had a lot of hype behind it, since whenever a new network marketing company comes on the scene, people like to play it up.  I’ve seen many companies come and go in the last seven years, and the fact is, most of those companies that come about in MLM will not last very long.  And many people will sink everything that they have into building a  big, profitable business, and then suddenly *POOF*, it’s gone.  The company goes under, and their time and money ends up wasted.  For example, remeber the network marketing company eFusjon?  Here today, gone tomorrow, leaving their reps in the dust. Sadly, the Body FX Pre Launch was not as big as they claimed?  Now, after spending a week going through the company info, checking out their products, and finding the right mentor to join up with, I got involved.

But you know something?  The corporate offices became a joke.  The support I got from Body FX corporate was absolutely laughable (but wasted my time sadly).  Compare this with Team Beachbody, who absolutely is there 24/7 (that’s how Coach Relations with Team Beachbody operates…24 hours a day, 7 days per week!) and can always pick up a phone.  I called Body FX repeatedly and got nothing.  It was like a ghost town.  I messaged people only to find my emails bouncing back and I even wrote people on facebook.  NOTHING.  Finally after what felt like a decade later (but really was over a week) I got a response in my inbox from Body FX corporate.  Whatever their deal is, they are bad, bad news.

Body FX Pre Launch: the alternative

Look, they had some great products.  I enjoyed using them.  They tasted good.  The workouts were fun.  But honestly folks, the Body FX Pre Launch was a joke.  I highly encourage anyone reading this to understand that I hate talking smack, even though I just did.  But hey, the truth is the truth, and it’s sad that they left people in the dust.  My experience as a Team Beachbody Coach since March 2009 has been the opposite.  CONSTANT support, innovative workouts that come out almost every 6-8 months, customer leads to help me build my business. and support like none other.  What’s more, I have been an online marketer for a long time and I know how to generate my own leads, create my own income with Beachbody and more.  I want to help you do the same.  I want you to contact me with questions, leave comments below, or whatever.  If you like what I do, please hit the join now button under this and become a Team Beachbody Coach with me,  Browse around my site.  Learn what it takes to be successful.  Let’s build something meaningful together with Team Beachbody.


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I just got a search result for the following question: “can you advertise Beachbody products on your blog?”  Simply, the answer is YES, you can, however there is a little bit involved with the whole process.


If you want to advertise Beachbody products on your blog, you must be an independent representative of Team Beachbody.  This is a network marketing opportunity, and therefore you have to join with someone else in the business in order to begin.  Of course, I recommend myself if you are going to have someone sponsor you, but do your research!  If you believe someone other than myself will help you build the business better than I will, then by all means, join them!!  However, if you are someone who wants to learn more about internet marketing as a professional, then I advise you to join me, because I will teach you the ins and outs of internet marketing on my password-protected training blog, (if you visit from here, you will not see anything on the first page since you must have a username and password to log on).  I have worked as an intern with one of the biggest names in internet marketing and I am totally eager and willing to teach you how to do everything in that niche, from affiliate marketing, to YouTube lead generation, social media authority, blogging authority–all of the stuff Google looks for nowadays (gone are the days of old school backlinking and keyword saturation!).

So join me, David Rydelnik, and let’s take the journey together so I can help you advertise beachbody products on your blog.  To become an independent representative in Team Beachbody through me, click the button below.

This link will allow you to sign up with David Rydelnik

This link will allow you to sign up with David Rydelnik

Advertise Beachbody Products on Your Blog and GET PAID!

Since this is network marketing, you can build a downline and get promoted easily and quickly in the company when someone like me mentors you as your upline.  Also, you get 25% commission on each sale for each product.  The cool thing about Team Beachbody is that if you like affiliate marketing (which I also do as well, and if you want to learn to be better at it, sign up as a Team Beachbody Coach through me and I will teach you my tricks and tips!!) you can actually use Beachbody’s branded banner ads on your sites or anywhere on the internet!  The is more information about that on my P90X Fitness Affiliates page, but check out some of the examples of the banner ads you can use to advertise Beachbody products on your blog:

There are many more sizes for the banners and they are vertical and horizontal and there are also squares-shaped button sizes available so you can advertise Beachbody products on your blog or other various internet media and brand the company to yourself.

Guidelines to follow to advertise Beachbody products on your blog

The truly awesome thing about Team Beachbody is that unlike most network marketing companies, you can promote Team Beachbody almost however you want online.  There are a few guidelines to follow, of course, but for the most part, you have the ability to go all out however you see fit in promoting.  That is what makes us so unique–in my first network marketing company, you couldn’t even say the name of the company to people whom you were prospecting, let alone have your own blog or website to generate traffic and leads!  Not having the freedom to promote online the way Beachbody allows us to do so really quenched my business growth in my old company.  CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT MY EXPERIENCE WITH MY OLD COMPANY AND MY SWITCH TO TEAM BEACHBODY.  Beachbody allows you to advertise Beachbody products on your blog and create your own way of doing so that is unique to you.  The potential for greatness is truly unlimited in Team Beachbody, especially when you work with someone like me, since being in this business for 4 years has taught me a lot and given me my own style of working the business.  WIth that being said, you MUST follow the guidelines set fourth by Coach Relations:

  1. You can’t register one of Beachbody’s trademarked names in the domain name.  So, for instance, you can’t use or, however, you can use or  As you can see, Beachbody, Insanity, and P90X are in the URL, but they are not in the domain name!  So you can absolutely brand your blog to Beachbody, but the domain itself must not use their registered trademarks.
  2. If you want to participate in another MLM or promote affiliate marketing products on your website, you must keep your other MLM and affiliate marketing products separate from Beachbody — including in the use of any social media forum (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  So, this website ONLY promotes Team Beachbody, and nothing else.  That being said, you are allowed to do side-by-site comparisons, such as with this page:

If you want to advertise Beachbody products on your blog, please refer to the complete compensation plan and policies and procedures by clicking here.

That being said, I look forward to working with you!  You’ll be in great hands when you join me in your Team Beachbody independent Coaching career.  These past 4 years have been a dream come true for me.  I build my business from scratch from the ground up, testing an tweaking exactly what works and what never works, and I’ll teach you only what works!

This link will allow you to sign up with David Rydelnik

This link will allow you to advertise Beachbody Products on your blog.

Please Be sure that when you sign up, you see the following on the sign up page, or we will NOT be working together:
Earn Money with Beachbody and David Rydelnik

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An interesting search term came across my website today. It said “be a beachbody coach without joining someone’s team” and I realized that if someone is asking that question, it would be good answer. If you are asking “Can I be a beachbody coach without joining a downline or team?”, let me set the record straight. The answer is, you must join up with someone.  Either you will find someone to join or someone will be assigned to you but you cannot become a beachbody coach without joining a downline.

Become A Beachbody Coach Without Joining A Downline?

But let me ask you this question–WHY would you NOT want to join a downlone or team??  Think about it for a moment…if you work with someone else, you will have MUCH more success than working without anyone!  For you to become a Beachbody Coach without joining a downline or team would be totally pointless, and forgive me for saying so, but totally ridiculous too!

Become A Beachbody Coach Without Joining A Downline

Become A Beachbody Coach Without Joining A Downline? HECK NO!

HOWEVER WITH THAT SAID, be careful!  If you just sign up without making the considerations of WHO you are joining, you could be in for a very difficult journey in this business.  The reason being is if your downline sponsor is not proactive with you, meaning they are not helping you at all no matter how many times you try to contact them, that is not only their fault but yours for not diligently seeking someone to join.  And not to say anything bad about anyone in particular, but yes, it happens QUITE OFTEN where someone will join and not get ANY help from their sponsor.

My friend Cora (a Coach who lives near me in Albany NY) had this exact problem.  Two years ago, she joined a top Coach who will remain nameless, but she wanted to work with me after I helped her with the business tis past year.  Unfortunately, she was denied removal from that person’s downline into mine by Beachbody Compliance and TRUST ME, we tried for WEEKS to see if a switch was possible.  As far as I know, she has still never heard from him, even though she has called and emailed like crazy.  So, YOU must be very proactive in making sure you join someone who will actually help you.  Fortunately, you have found my post!  I am actively working everyday to build this business with anyone who is willing to put the work in.  And I will even help you start building a website like this one!  Think about it–if you found me from some kind of internet search, I will help YOU to be found in the same way!  Makes sense, right?  In this case, to become a Beachbody Coach without joining a downline would not make sense because with myself as your upline sponsor, I will do as much as I can to make sure you are getting the results you want to get.  By the same token, you must put the work into actually building the business.  It’s a TEAM for a reason–I help you, you take action.  You get paid, you’re happy, I get paid and I am happy so it’s a win-win for everyone and that is why network marketing just makes so much sense in the end.

I hope that this has helped you understand why being on a team with an upline sponsor is necessary. I truly hope new insight as to why it would be a bad thing to become a beachbody coach without joining a downline.  But, I just hope you join the right person.  And, to speak plainly, I do hope that person is me, but hey, if you don’t think I will be a great fit for you, then please do not join me, because I want only what is best for your success anyway, which is why I joined the business in the first place–to help other people.

With that said, please refer to the earn money with Beachbody page, the work with David Rydelnik page and the About David Rydelnik page to see if I am the best fit for you.  After you have learned more about me, call me to see if I feel that us working together would be the best option for you at (518)391-9230.  If I don’t answer, leave a message or text!

Ready to join now? Click below!

This link will allow you to sign up with David Rydelnik

– David Rydelnik

Become A Beachbody Coach Without Joining A Downline

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How to Make Money Marketing P90X

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Recently, I got a few messages from people wondering how to make money marketing P90X. And, I am glad they asked! It’s good to see people out there who want to make some extra income! Keep on reading, and I will show you how to make money marketing P90X both using the power of the internet, and to those whom you know who are currently using the fitness program.

But first, a few things need to be said. You can make money marketing P90X with the opportunity it’s creators, Team Beachbody, have set up. The vehicle in which you can make money is through network marketing. Now, if you do not know this concept, it’s basically like what Amway does, except “on steriods” (pun intended since it’s fitness!). With network marketing, you work with a person whom you like, know and trust to build a business together. Essentially, you can get to like, know and trust me, then you have me become your mentor, and I show you exactly how to make money marketing P90X. It’s pretty simple, and pretty awesome.

How To Make Money Marketing P90X

P90X Pumping Up PROFITS! Capitalize on this and let me teach you how to make money marketing P90X with the exact strategies I use!

Now, if you found me on Google or some other means, then here is a little about me–I’m David Rydelnik. I am 31 years old, and I am actually a musician (I play 8 instruments) who found his way into network marketing almost 5 years ago. From a business aspect, I found a few mentors who taught me how to build a 6 figure business online. (Yes, you read that right.) I still play music and am creating my own music products. From the fitness standpoint, I began the Power 90 fitness program in college while taking 27 credits. I made no excuses to get in shape; I made it a priority and created time to get it done. One year after my fitness transformation, a person I personally liked, knew and trusted whom I went to college with showed me how to make money marketing P90X with her, using Team Beachbody’s network marketing opportunity. I was still in college, with tons of credits and had a major lack of time, yet I still made no excuses and made it all happen. This is because I had mentors who showed me how to use my time wisely and effectively. As your mentor, I will show you how to make money marketing P90X with the amount of time and effort you have available, and show you how to create a profitable business using the internet in the same way that you found me!

How To Make Money Marketing P90X

So my call to action is this…are you serious about making a commitment to doing this? Realize right now that you are reading this at the perfect time…the P90X fitness program is a household name, and the company itself, Beachbody, is making over $400 million per year with the success of their marketing! Why not get a piece of that? You are looking for time freedom and you are eager to learn how to make money marketing P90X. With myself as your mentor, you have that opportunity right now to get started with me, David Rydelnik, as your mentor in the company to help you create as much income as you want with this, whether it’s an extra $100 a week or an extra $1,000 per week! I work only with those who are willing to put the time and effort in to building a profitable business, so only the serious need apply. To learn more about the opportunity of how to make money marketing P90X, head over to the earn money with Beachbody page. From there, you can apply to work with me. To find out more about me, visit the Work with David Rydelnik and the About David Rydelnik pages.

— David Rydelnik

I’ve also got a separate website for people who are already network marketers. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, you can learn more about how to make money marketing P90X by going to my website that is more geared for internet entrepreneurs to see what other valuable tidbits I have to share!

How To Make Money Marketing P90X

How To Make Money Marketing P90X

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Many people right now are looking for the best Beachbody biz card template for their Beachbody business. AWESOME. I think that if you are deciding to do Team Beachbody as a business, you will need a very slick, very nice Beachbody biz card template to create your card and get it out there to your friends, family, etc.

Pictured below, you will find one of my exclusive Beachbody biz card template designs, which also features my story on it from how I went to great success in one network marketing company and took that success to Team Beachbody! You will get access to that Beachbody biz card template as well as almost 10 others when you become a Beachbody Coach in my downline:

Beachbody Biz Card Template

Example of a Beachbody Biz Card Template backside

But here’s the deal…if you are NOT currently a Team Beachbody Coach, you can get an incredible Beachbody biz card template right here from this website! This is exclusive to my Team Beachbody Coaches on MY TEAM only! I know many of you right now are Googling the search term “Beachbody Biz Card Template” and that is how you ended up on this site in the first place! So, with that in mind, if you want to work with a Team Beachbody Coach who has been in the business for almost 4 years, and has expert experience in online network marketing coaching, then be sure to apply on my work with David Rydelnik page.

Now, if you are looking for the best Beachbody Biz Card Template, and you have been a coach for less than 3 days, please call my cell (pictured on the above card) so I can help you. You may qualify to work on my team and earn money with Beachbody if you have signed up into the business with someone you do not have a relationship with. I have created several of my own business cards and I have a unique style to the art of giving out business cards which I will teach you.

Beachbody Biz Card Template

Once again, thanks for searching for “Beachbody Biz Card Template” on Google and stopping by on this page. To join up with myself, David Rydelnik, 4 year Team Beachbody Coach and expert online internet network marketer, please click on the work with David Rydelnik page to enroll. Make sure on the signup page it says that I am your sponsor or you will not be joining me.

— David Rydelnik

Beachbody Biz Card Template

Beachbody Biz Card Template

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For quite some time, many Canadian residents have asked me if the Team Beachbody Business opportunity would be in Canada. They have been asking when the creators of the P90X fitness program, the largest in-home fitness success workout program would be opening their doors to Canadian residents. I have some major news to report…WE ARE IN COMING TO CANADA! that’s right folks, the Corporate offices are opening the Team Beachbody business opportunity in Canada. If you have been interested in this opportunity to earn money with Beachbody, now you can! And what’s more, you have the opportunity to work with David Rydelnik and become a Beachbody Coach.

The Team Beachbody business opportunity in Canada is a tremendous way to share your Beachbody fitness programs success story and profit from it. A network marketing opportunity of this scale, with this much brand power, means you can truly become financially independent when you work with David Rydelnik to earn money with Beachbody. Please learn more about myself if you do not know who I am, as you would be working with me to do this home business opportunity.

Team Beachbody Business Opportunity in Canada

If you have an interest in joining the Team Beachbody business opportunity in Canada, then please sign up for a free Team Beachbody account and shoot me an email as soon as you can to or comment below. This is a huge step forward for us, we’re extremely excited about the opportunities Canada will bring—and can’t wait for our northern neighbors to join our movement to End the Trend of obesity!

Team Beachbody business opportunity in Canada FAQs

It’s extremely important to understand this is NOT a full launch, but instead a pre-launch—a first step, whereby Canadian residents can only participate in the U.S. Policies and Procedures, operate in U.S. dollars, and retail for personal consumption only. Currently, individuals residing in Canada may enroll as a Coach (Team Beachbody’s term for independent rep), however, they will be operating a United States independent business with Beachbody in the United States. You can enroll using the button below. Please make sure that under the heading “Did a Coach Refer You?” it says “Our records show your coach will be David Rydelnik.” If it does not, you will have to do a coach switch, or you will miss out on the chance to work with me. A coach switch is a simple, easy process.

Click here to read the full Team Beachbody Business Opportunity in Canada FAQs

Team Beachbody Business Opportunity In Canada

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In 2010, Matt Morris, the renowned “Unemployed Millionaire”, published an article titled ’80 top Network Marketing Companies: February 2010′. Team Beachbody ranked #6 on his list, behind just five other goliaths — Melaleuca, Natura Cosmetics, Oriflame Kosmetiek B.V., GDI (Global Domains International), and the empire itself, Avon. My advice to you readers? Watch out, Avon. We’re coming.

What To Consider Before Joining a Network Marketing Company

Products. Look for the product that gets you most excited and that’s the best product for you. The key to success in network marketing comes from keeping yourself excited and bought-in psychologically to the product you’re selling. In the case of Team Beachbody, it’s a total fitness solution to transform people’s health and fitness. In home fitness programs like the P90X fitness program,  coupled with Shakeology, a performance shake with over 70 healthy ingredients means you don’t have to look in multiple places for products — they are all right here. Over 150 products are included in Team Beachbody’s network marketing company.

Leadership. I once walked away from a six-figure income solely because I lost faith in the company’s leadership. A foundation of integrity is the bedrock of success for any network marketing company. When you promote a company, that company’s reputation and integrity will be a direct reflection of your reputation and integrity. Not only that, but I work with leaders within the company. My upline “Coach” (Rep) earned $1 million in his first year and a half. I (David Rydelnik) personally only work with savvy people who will get the job done.

Sales and Marketing Programs. Make absolutely sure the company you are considering has a strong sales and marketing program in place. That way, all you and your organization will have to do is use the tools (i.e. CDs, DVDs, brochures, magazines, web sites, etc.)  to do the presenting for you. My own essential Beachbody Coach training will help you generate leads online for your business when you work with me.

Mentorship. Is there someone in the company with a track record of success in building his or her income who is also able to assist others in creating success as well? Your chances of success will sky rocket if you can work with someone who has experienced success and wants to help you become successful. Most importantly, your mentor should be someone you trust and believe in. And of course, this is where I come in. Having been in network marketing almost 5 years, and having been an online marketer for almost 4, if you put in the action steps I give you, you won’t have a problem becoming successful.

Timing. Timing is not going to make or break your success but it’s something to consider.

Make your decision to earn money with Beachbody and work with David Rydelnik today.


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Congressman Paul Ryan

Vice Presidential nominee and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan is in his 40’s, but he looks like he is in his early 30’s or late 20’s. How does Congressmen Paul Ryan exercise to stay in shape and look so young? He stays in shape with P90X and Insanity. Are you freaking kidding me? How awesome is that?

Congressman Paul Ryan is not the only one in Washington using Beachbody’s incredible fitness programs. There are more than 24 active Congressmen who use them in the White House on a regular basis. The fact of the matter is that unless you have been living in a different UNIVERSE, you have at least heard of the P90X fitness program, and it’s cousin the Insanity fitness workout. The question is, will you step up to the plate and actually DO what it takes to change your body?

Congressman Paul Ryan seems to be a pretty smart guy because he is taking control of his fitness and health. But what about you? Are you going to challenge yourself and do what it takes to get in the best shape of your life? Or are you going to sit on the sidelines and say, “Maybe I’ll wait til New Year’s”…just like you did last year.

Tony Horton is going around Washington DC and the country and personally working out with people in the military and in the government. But you don’t have to be an official like Congressman Paul Ryan to workout with Tony Horton. You can workout with him in your own living room! Take the Beachbody Challenge and get in the best shape of your life today with the P90X fitness program.

And if you are business savvy and understand that Congressman Paul Ryan is a customer of someone in Team Beachbody, which is Beachbody’s independent business ownership opportunity, then you understand that there is money to be made with P90X. In that case, you should consider the opportunity to earn money with Beachbody and work with David Rydelnik.

Congressman Paul Ryan

Congressman Paul Ryan fitness exercise P90X

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By now, if you guys have been regularly following my blog, you know that I earn money with Beachbody both offline and online. And you also know that if you join either myself or someone on our team of Beachbody Coaches, you know that I will teach you everything you need to know to make your business successful both with Team Beachbody’s “Coach Training Academy” and everything I teach you in my essential Beachbody Coach training and my bonuses you get when you become a Beachbody Coach through this site.

Making money online with Team Beachbody is simple when you work with David Rydelnik

You may wonder WHY I am doing internet marketing with Team Beachbody in the first place. What was my reason to start making money online with Team Beachbody? Why did I choose Team Beachbody as my vehicle to make money online and not another company? Honestly, the answer is simple: I don’t want to work for anyone else who will tell me how much I am worth, and I want to have my student loan debt paid off faster. Plus, to be painfully honest (and I certainly don’t mind being open about it and sharing this), when my dad died, I wanted to make sure my mom wouldn’t have to change her lifestyle due to the loss of my father and the loss of income to her house. I want to help her financially, and making money online with Team Beachbody will help me do just that.

The BEST Reason for Making Money Online with Team Beachbody

Plus, the company itself makes sense, as I have said before, because our fitness programs are so incredibly popular. But there is an even bigger reason than just the company itself when it comes to making money online with Team Beachbody, and that is simply ME! You have a chance to work with David Rydelnik hand-in-hand and take all of my knowledge and leadership and use it! And guys, I am ALWAYS making sure I continue to educate myself in the concepts of online marketing so that I can help you be successful. For instance, I am working a new course to help you guys who are brand new to the concept of internet marketing called “Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge“. Mr. Dean Holland is an online marketer who is one of my mentors, and as I posted a few days ago, there are several reasons why you need to have a mentor, and personally I have several, so that I can help serve you better. Now, his training today was for newbies, like how to get a blog and start it right, but I still learned something.

So if you have an interest in making money online with Team Beachbody with me, leave me a comment below. If you are ready to work with me, let’s get you started! Please leave any questions or comments below! I always appreciate your feedback and it will help me serve you better.

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Thoughts of a Successful Person

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When you think of a “successful person”, what comes to mind? I don’t know about you, but in my mind it is someone who has simply accomplished something. It’s could be anything, really. For instance, I personally have successfully completed the P90X fitness program — 7 times thru! That’s a pretty big accomplishment to some, and I don’t say that to brag, but to say if a guy like me can do it, then CERTAINLY so can you. So how did I get from there to here? There really wasn’t too much involved in the process, besides DOING the program. But what kept me on track? I actually had to look to other folks…successful people…to stay commited. Let’s look at the thoughts of a person who has not succeeded and why, verses the thoughts of a successful person.

Thoughts of a successful person

I can honestly say that successful people think differently than — well I hate to say it like this — but the “typical average Joe”. Even though P90X is designed for average Joe’s it’s the mindset of the person that first must change. Instead of saying “I can’t do pullups”, the thought changes to “I have tried to do pullups, but I can’t YET. But I will!” And you know what? It’s THOSE people who finish the program and then come back for more. So to understand the thoughts of a successful person, we must understand their mindset, and further more we also must change our own mindset so we can accomplish something as well.

SO back to the “typical average Joe”…he says “I’ll try P90X and see what happens”. I bet he doesn’t make it past Day 3, unless he changes his mindset. See, the thoughts of the unsuccessful are just this: they will “try” things out before making a commitment, and then they will say “IF it works, then I will move forward. Then I will make the changes, sacrifices…” Yeah, notice they haven’t actually DONE anything yet. They just like to talk a lot. Hey, I’ve been there so I can relate. i would say “I’m going to work on this project”. “I’m going to start saving up money”. “I’m going to get the word out about how to earn money with Beachbody“. I’m going to share my faith today”. Yet, not one thing has happened yet. Good intentions only go so far, but if there is no action behind it, it won’t get done. You might be skeptical about this and say “well, you just haven’t done it yet”. Well, how many times have you personally said “I am going to do ____” and then it hasn’t happened? Instead of saying it, just do it!

On the other hand, the thoughts of a successful person are completely different. Why? Well, first of all, in their own mind they are already successful. They’ve already seen the end goal as accomplished, and so they commit to doing it and just get it done. There is action behind their commitment, rather than just talk. They make it work because talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

Let’s look at “typical guy” again — he’s still trying to make a decision because he is unsure if it will even work (as opposed to just making it happen and accomplishing it) and before you know it, he’s talked himself out of it. He’s gotten cold feet. Sadly, he looks at the successful guy who swoops in, then commits and gets it done and says bad things about him. More talk — in this case about someone else — and still no action. See, the thoughts of the successful person were to make the decision quickly, commit to it and then actually create a plan (creating is action) and then sticks to it.

To wrap it up, TAKE RISKS. (This applies to more than just fitness training, obviously.) The thoughts of a successful person already see the achievement as being done in their minds. They know there is risk involved and they totally embrace it. They DON’T think inside the box, they don’t settle for what everyone else does, and they get uncomfortable! They focus on that which is memorable, exceptional, courageous and excellent. This is contrary to the typical person, which is about 99% of people. They toe-dip and take baby steps toward a goal, with a lot of good intentions and very little action. As long as they do this, they won’t have the drive and determination they need to actually achieve anything big. And before you know it, they quit, and then they start blaming everyone else for their failures – they blame their situation, their family, the government, the rich, the poor, society, God, and everything else at which they can point a finger. The ONLY way you are going to succeed in any area of life is by thinking big, being willing to take chances, DOING something different and then HAVING the results from the ACTION behind what you did.

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