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Can You Advertise Beachbody Products on Your Blog?

I just got a search result for the following question: “can you advertise Beachbody products on your blog?”  Simply, the answer is YES, you can, however there is a little bit involved with the whole process. If you want to advertise Beachbody products on your blog, you must be an independent representative of Team Beachbody.  This […]

Can I become a beachbody coach without joining a downline or team?

An interesting search term came across my website today. It said “be a beachbody coach without joining someone’s team” and I realized that if someone is asking that question, it would be good answer. If you are asking “Can I be a beachbody coach without joining a downline or team?”, let me set the record […]

Team Beachbody Business Opportunity in Canada

For quite some time, many Canadian residents have asked me if the Team Beachbody Business opportunity would be in Canada. They have been asking when the creators of the P90X fitness program, the largest in-home fitness success workout program would be opening their doors to Canadian residents. I have some major news to report…WE ARE […]

Is Team Beachbody a Network Marketing Company Worth Joining?

In 2010, Matt Morris, the renowned “Unemployed Millionaire”, published an article titled ’80 top Network Marketing Companies: February 2010′. Team Beachbody ranked #6 on his list, behind just five other goliaths — Melaleuca, Natura Cosmetics, Oriflame Kosmetiek B.V., GDI (Global Domains International), and the empire itself, Avon. My advice to you readers? Watch out, Avon. We’re […]

Thoughts of a Successful Person

When you think of a “successful person”, what comes to mind? I don’t know about you, but in my mind it is someone who has simply accomplished something. It’s could be anything, really. For instance, I personally have successfully completed the P90X fitness program — 7 times thru! That’s a pretty big accomplishment to some, […]

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