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Here Are the Reasons Why YOU Will FAIL P90X

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As a 9 time P90X grad–(that’s right, P90X Round 9 took place these past 3 months)–it’s safe to say that I am kind of an expert on this topic.  And hey, I’ve been to a few events where Tony Horton himself trained us, so you can bet that I truly know what I’m talkin’ about here.   I know that people WILL fail at P90X.  I don’t want to see that happen to you, so I’ll list the Reasons Why YOU will fail P90X–if and only if you do exactly what I have listed below.  However, if you do the exact opposite of what I have listed, you will more than likely have success with P90X! Chat Now

Reasons Why YOU Will FAIL P90X

  1. You have a bootlegged version of P90X.  Some guy I met a few months ago said that he downloaded P90X.  He paid NOTHING for it. So, I asked him how long he had it, and he said for quite awhile. I then asked him if he ever used it–and he said no.  I said it’s simple: because he didn’t pay for it, he never used it. He said it was because his place was to small.  So I said that was a flat out lie because if he had paid for it, he would have made it a priority to make room for exercising so that he could get a return on his investment, because it would have been worth it!  But since he downloaded it, it’s worth nothing to him.  It’s just there unused, with no value attached.  That person failed at P90X because he never started it.  He never started it because he stole it.  Does that make sense?  Had he bought it, he would have had all the more reason to push play.
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  2. You don’t write out your goals for P90X.  Getting back to the reasons why you will fail P90X, if you don’t write your goals out, you are doomed to fail, as the old adage says, “If you fail to plan, you will plan to fail”.  The main difference between people who achieve their goals and those who do not is the simple fact that successful people do whatever it takes to succeed, no matter how small or menial the task may be.  When you write your goals out, you are accountable to yourself.  When you show others your goals, you are accountable to them.  When you order your P90X  Discounted Challenge Pack from me today, you’d BETTER BELIEVE I’m going to hold you to your word.
  3. You simply aren’t eating the right food.  You have got to put the right fuel in your gas tank!  You wouldn’t put regular gas in a diesel engine, so don’t expect to get the results you want with P90X if you eat crappy food.  Why do you think the P90X Challenge Packs I’m offering here come with Shakeology?  Shakeology is the most delicious, nutrient-dense superfood-packed protein shake on the planet.  It contains more than 70 natural ingredients derived from rich, nutrient-dense whole-food sources from around the world.  It’s called the Healthiest Meal of the Day for a reason.  I’m not saying this for my health, people.  I’m saying it for yours!  Shakeology comes in 4 flavors: Chocolate Vegan, Tropical Strawberry (Vegan), Greenberry, or regular Chocolate.  And the P90X NUTRITION PLAN that comes along with it is another reason to not get a bootlegged copy of P90X!   This plan is designed to change right along with your 3-phase workout demands, providing the right food at the right time.
    Eat Smart Eat Clean
  4. You aren’t getting enough sleep.  Did you know that when you don’t sleep enough, you’re apt to eat poorly?  Eat poorly and you feel bad about yourself.  Feel bad about yourself and you won’t write out your goals anymore.  And that means failure, and it’s a vicious cycle.  Sleep is one of the big reasons why you will fail P90X, and unfortunately you are prone to injury when you don’t sleep well.  The good news?  You can protect your joints with the Beachbody Joint Support Formula (just click here to order).
  5. YOU SKIP YOGA X.  This is one of the biggest reasons why you will fail P90X.  If you do Yoga X, you will conquer P90X in it’s entirety.  Skipping Yoga X means you are prone to injury, and you won’t ever work on your biggest weak spots (Yoga X hits them all).  The sole purpose of P90X Yoga X is to help you prevent injury and make you work on work on every weakness in your body.  Good athletes become extraordinary when they work on what they suck at, not what they are great at.  The same is true with any craft.

Don’t Let the Reasons Why You Will Fail P90X Be Because You Missed Out on The P90X Discount Challenge Pack! ORDER NOW AND LET ME COACH YOU!


Reasons Why YOU Will FAIL P90X

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