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Darin Olien and Shakeology

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Some call him the “Superfood Man”. Others would agree that he is to what exotic foods are to what Indiana Jones is to hidden treasure. Darin Olien pretty much travels the globe looking for the most healthy exotic foods he can find. But much more, he looks for the stuff that is under appreciated, which doesn’t mean he is discovering “new” things, but educating and giving people here in the States these awesome gifts of God and nature to us so that we don’t have to eat the processed, unhealthy food of the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.). See, people of indigenous countries who consume the food of their land and who have become “men of iron” (to quote Doctor Michael Savage) are the people whom Darin Olien are interested in. From there, he finds out what they eat to survive and then packs that food into Shakeology.

Last month, Businessweek featured Darin Olien and Shakeology and this month he was featured in Discovery. As seen in Discovery’s article, Darin Olein plans to add moringa to Shakeology. Found in Senegal, South Africa, it has 10 times the calcium of milk, 20 times the vitamin A of tomatoes, a huge dose of antioxidants, minerals and ALL of the essential amino acids.

A quick word on Darin Olien and Shakeology…most network marketing companies see a decline in sales of their health products, but Shakeology is not. You can see why, just from this brief article and from how he was featured in Businessweek and Discovery. And on a personal note, I’ve been using Shakeology since the summer of 2010. Since then, I have been hooked on the product and I hardly go a day without it. It’s called “the healthiest meal of a day” for a reason, and I swear by it as a staple of my daily nutrition. On a side note, it is not so much a meal replacement shake, but rather a performance shake that ignites your body and your workouts.

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