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Devoted to your Health and Fitness

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Hello everyone!  Lately I have been writing a lot of personal development articles in the fitness niche for you guys, but I am going to change the format of this site.  So, because this is a health and fitness website, and because I am an online marketer, I am letting you all know that I am completely dedicating this website to health and fitness and Team Beachbody.  And to kick it off, I want to clue you in on how you can stay devoted to your health and fitness going into the rest of 2012 and beyond.

Tracking your health and fitness progress is essential

When you sign up for a free Team Beachbody account, you will be able to track your workouts in real time with your fitness program.  Mine is telling me that I have done a little under 2,000 workouts!  PLUS I am now entered in a transformation contest….trust me, you will want a Team Beachbody account, so GET ONE BY CLICKING THE BUTTON BELOW

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Nutritional Support for Your Workout is Key

Beachbody Challenge Packs are the best option for you if you want to start a workout like P90X.  If you are looking for the best in fitness and nutrition and you want to save some money, one of these Beachbody Challenge packs is the answer you have been looking for.  When you commit to a Challenge you are more likely to get results.  I’m speaking from experience as I myself have been through one of these Challenges.  I did P90X and drank Shakeology for 90 days to lose fat and gain muscle, and I continue to drink Vegan Tropical Strawbery Shakeology everyday. One of these Challenge packs can change your life.  What’s great about these bundles is you will save money just by bundling the workout with Shakeology AND we are going to give you FREE shipping on top of that.

You are not alone – I will Coach You when you purchase a Beahcbody Challenge Pack!

You don’t have to do this alone, when you order one of the Beachbody Challenge Packs you have the option of being added to a Private Accountability Facebook Group where others are doing the challenge along with you. Get the support and accountability you need to keep motivated and most of all, GET RESULTS!

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Once you order, call me at (518)391-9230 so I can plug you in!

On another note: I have been writing articles on here (and I will leave them here too) on helping people earn money with Beachbody through online marketing. However, I want to make this website devoted to your health and fitness. So, while I will talk about the Team Beachbody opportunity for those interested in the ability to make money with P90X, the online marketing stuff will be found on rather than on here. And yes, this website here will still include personal development, since I feel that it is helpful for people to succeed in their health and fitness goals.

Stay tuned for new and fresh articles devoted to your health and fitness in the coming days, weeks and months ahead!

David Rydelnik

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David Rydelnik is the owner of Extreme Fitness from Home. He is the author of several reports about fitness, healthy living, and music performance. He is also a full time musician/entertainer, part time network marketer with Team Beachbody, and disciple of my Lord Jesus Christ. He lives in Albany, NY
I'm inviting you to connect with me. I love feedback--all of it! So let's have an intelligent helpful conversation to help you achieve your fitness goals. Leave a comment below.
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  1. Hello!

    Is there an RSS feed for the website? I’d love to follow the site, and the feed would make it so much easier.

  2. I have been trying to put a feed icon on this for the longest time and I am still totally stupefied by it. It’s like the one thing I can’t seem to get!

  3. I’ve no idea about it at all. If anyone gets any tips/ideas regarding it, please let me know.

  4. David@General Fitness says:

    I regard something genuinely interesting about your web site so I saved to my bookmarks .

  5. Please be sure to sign up for a free team beachbody account with me.

  6. Great ideas David. I am big fan of fitness, fitness blogs and affiliate marketing.

  7. If you do affiliate marketing, you may want to become an affiliate with me in Team Beachbody. It is not just an affiliate program, it is a network marketing program which I think is actually BETTER because you get to build a team and Beachbody will give you customers to market to. Go to to sign up and work with me.

  8. Sir, I want to Subscribe for your blog. How can I.You are serving awesome recipes. :)

  9. This shake looks like and excellent thing to use. But how does it work?

  10. Thanks David to post such a wonderful blog about the health and fitness.

  11. Hi David, I really like your passion in your work. Our health is now a major concern because of our food intake. I really agree that Nutritional support is the key of success in workout. Keep up the good work!

  12. Marie says:

    Very essential health care information I’ve found reading through this post!! I also believe being devoted to health is a good way to keep fitness tight and in shape. I’m so happy to learn lot of new health related educative views reading through this post and looking forward to follow mentioned ways for better health and fitness. Thanks.

  13. I guess we have the same in common in David aside from earning money I was also building my body that’s why I follow and read all your post.

  14. I’m really glad you have been coming here and reading and leaving awesome comments. I haven’t had time in the past couple of weeks to do any major updates (I am an entertainer in music, acting, comedy, and other stuff) but as you know I use this blog to monetize some of my internet marketing efforts. I do try to put myself into the articles and not just create “generic” stuff. :)

  15. We all need motivation from time to time. Especially as we get older. I try to look after myself, but lord knows I could do with some help getting motivated.

  16. Few days ago i started to do workout at home and I am feeling very fresh from that day.BTW thanks for the tips.

  17. I am impressed with the content you provided. I want to thank you for this informative article. I enjoyed each aspect of it and I will be waiting for the new updates.

  18. Everyone needs to be motivated in the gym from time to time! Great post! Best of Health!

  19. Dedication and Motivation for this site ;) keep up the good work :)

  20. Normally, I never approve spammy looking comments like this, ever–but since you have a gravitar and are actually a real person, I’ll make this acceptation only once. But maybe heed this advice…since I know that you are using commenting on a blog to increase your traffic, I hope you aren’t teaching people to leave comments that look spammy like this on other people’s blogs. Your gravitar say you do social media marketing and SEO, and using a tactic like this will really not give you a sustainable biz for too long.

  21. fitness is a criteria for successful and healthy leaving

  22. online exams says:

    valuable tips for people , Now a days people are following machine life ,they don’t have time to take care about health…..

  23. I should sign up on this.

  24. John says:

    Nutrition is important for health and workout.

    Beachboy is it like MLM?

  25. Team Beachbody is in fact an MLM. I’ve been a part of it for over 4 years. Thankfully, they are very loose with their marketing policies, hence, this website and my ability to market it all over the internet, and the fact that you found me is proof that I know what I am doing when it comes to the biz. I don’t know if you have any interest in it. If yes, call me. If not, that’s a-okay as well. (518)391-9230

  26. Then what are you waiting for?

  27. there is nothing more valuable than your health not your money not your boss, not even your family because if you lose your health all who loves you suffer with you

  28. Allan says:

    I think these are good suggestions I feel more information needs to be given about portion sizes. I think many people eat healthy enough food, just too much of it (myself included). A portion of cereal is about 40g, which is actually quite a small amount. If you are not careful it is easy to end up eating half your daily calorie allowance in one bowl full.

  29. I love to read and write articles about Health and Fitness and that I do on my blog also. Today I found your blog and found it really useful for me. Thanks for sharing.

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