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Insanity Round 3 Day 106

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Hey gang, Team Beachbody Coach David Rydelnik here.  You may be looking at the heading of this article and thinking “Three rounds of Insanity? Are you nuts?” Well, you read the heading correctly…even though the Insanity fitness program is only a 60 day program, I am near the end of Insanity Round 3 and I have been going for over 100 days!  I have customized it to suit my needs as an “ectomorph” (someone who has a fast metabolism and is a “hardgainer” when it comes to building muscle mass).

Now you may be asking why in the world an ectomorph would do a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout  to gain muscle mass, right?  For all of you out there wondering if the Insanity fitness workout is right for you if you have trouble gaining weight, the answer is YES.  Because I can consume vast amounts of food, the Insanity DVDs are perfect for me! And by incorporating the Insanity Upper Body Weight Training DVD workout in my training 2 to 3 times a week, the mass gains have been quite amazing.  I have put on almost 15 pounds of muscle during Insanity Round 3 due to the fact that I have been using weight training and proper nutrition to get unbelievable results.

Ready to take on Insanity Round 3?  Need a Coach to guide you?  I’m your man!  Let me be the guide in your journey by clicking here to create a free Team Beachbody account.

Now, for the next 3 weeks or so, I plan incorporating Cardio Plyo AFTER I do a resistance training workout, like Upper Body, or the P90X One on One workouts I will be doing the other 2 times a week (Shoulders & Arms and V Sculpt). This means I can do what I do best…eat even more food. :) Or at least, my total caloric consumption will be higher if it’s in the form of a nutritious shake. In this case, the shake will be a mass gainer shake called “Russian Bear 5000″. I tired it today, first with milk and then without milk. I need to take it without milk, otherwise, and I hate to sound gross…I have….”stomach issues”. Not fun today, but I know now what to do and what not to do.

Because of poor sleep, I skipped Cardio Plyo today and just did the Upper Body workout.

What to do after Insanity Round 3

If you have completed Insanity Round 3 and you are ready to tackle on a new challenge, there are 3 Beachbody fitness programs which I highly recommend.  The first would be the Insanity Asylum fitness program because it is meant to be used by Insanity grads.  The next would be Insanity Asylum Volume 2 and the last would be the P90X2 Workouts because they are the next best thing to sports athletic training.  All of these programs can be ordered either separately or as a Beachbody Challenge Pack which will include Shakeology with the order at a discounted price.  Shakeology is available in 4 flavors, 2 of which are Vegan whole food products. Vegan Shakeology is your best bet to getting over 70 exotic whole food ingredients in one performance shake.  Use it as breakfast or for your preworkout meal to get explosive gains in your quest to tackle on Insanity Round 3 or any of the workouts listed above.  To purchase a Beachbody Challenge Pack, click the banner below.


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