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Germs in Your Gym WILL Make You SICK

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There is a reason why I am an advocate for extreme fitness from home.  While my fitness career actually start out with home fitness by using the Power 90 Fitness Program, I still don’t like to use a pubic gym because of the thought that people leave their nasty DNA all over the equipment. Germs at your gym WILL make you sick, and even if you wipe the equipment down, it is not guaranteed that you will avoid gym germs.  Your fitness club is probably festering cold and flu bugs, athlete’s foot fungus and nasty skin infections–and it is EVERYWHERE, from the equipment, to the shower, to even the very lock on your locker.

If you train in a gym, it should be for one purpose: to be healthy and fit!  Although, a little narcissism isn’t bad motivation because, let’s face it, it feels GREAT looking good (just don’t stare at yourself in the mirror all the time, because that’s just weird) and using your own looks for your body can be a helpful motivation to stay on top of your goals.  BUT, the main reason you go is probably to take care of yourself.  If germs in your gym will make you sick, you need to know the dangers.  Personally, I probably step foot in a gym about 15 days or less in a given year because I can easily do all of my workouts from home.  But if the gym is the place that you want to workout, then you need to know how to avoid gym germs.

Which Germs In Your Gym Will Make You Sick?

If you go to a gym, you’ll be getting more than just strength and cardio training.  You’ll could be getting Norovirus, which causes stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea.  Norovirus can survive for a MONTH on the surface of exercise machines.  You may also get the fungi responsible for athlete’s foot, which multiplies rapidly in the shower.  MRSA is an antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can lead to dangerous skin infections.  MRSA most likely will hang out in the locker room, and while you’ve probably made it a point to clean off the germs on the equipment, I bet you have never thought about the germs that are hanging out where you change your clothes.  Not only will germs in your gym make you sick, but so will the germs on your towel (E. coli or MRSA), gym bag (staph, salmonella, E. coli and pseudomonas), exercise mat (colds, flu, athlete’s foot, skin infections and hepatitis A), water bottle (hundreds of thousands of bacteria lurk at the bottom in just a few days), pool (chlorine-resistant pathogen called “cryptospordium” which spreads from contaminated fecal mater)…it’s difficult to avoid gym germs to say the least.

Germs In Your Gym Will Make You Sick: Preventative Strategies

You’d think a shower would make you clean, right?  In your gym’s shower , you’ve got fungi and organisms that can cause athlete’s foot, warts and ringworm.  So shower at HOME instead, IMMEDIATELY.  If you in fact do have to shower in your gym, never, ever shave there as bugs can enter your body through tiny nicks.  The shower is not the only place to avoid gym germs, so let’s talk about preventing sickness from your gym.

1) Immune Boosters


Beachbody cordastraFirst, consider using Beachbody’s proven immune boosting product called Cordastra.  This very potent supplement supports your immune system, energy, and overall well-being—and it has now been made even more affordable than ever with a permanent price drop.  So strengthen your immune system, increase your energy and stamina with Beachbody Cordastra  to help you ward off sickness this winter.  Click here to get  Cordastra NOW!



Secondly, I’d like to introduce you to a product that was created by the people who brought you the P90X fitness program.  As you know, P90X is no joke.  It has probably transformed either your own physical fitness or the fitness of someone you know.  You know that P90X WORKS, so here is another product that works, made by the same people–it is called “Shakeology“.  Shakeology is a performance shake used to boost your body’s nutritional needs.  It is NOT a weight loss shake; it is nutrient rich in over 70 healthy ingredients such as Moringa, Himalayan Salt, Luo Han Guo and Coconut Flower Nectar.

Use Shakeology as one meal replacement a day to ensure you are putting the most nutrient-dense foods possible into your body every single day.  It’s the best preventative strategy to ward of gym germs that I can think of.  Discounts on these products are available–just use this link to get all products at wholesale price: click here.

2) How to Avoid Gym Germs with this checklist

  • ALWAYS cover cuts and broken skin with something, such as a bandage before you even enter the gym.
  • Before and after you exercise, WASH YOUR HANDS thoroughly for at least two rounds of you singing “Happy Birthday” to yourself.
  • Wipe down the DNA-infested machines before and after use.
  • Use YOUR OWN water bottle, towel and mat.  Side note: I went to Planet Fitness once, and they said I couldn’t come in with my own mat.  Check your gym’s regulations on what you can bring in, and if you can’t bring in your own stuff, don’t give them your money, plain and simple.
  • NEVER share your towels with ANYONE, even a spouse.
  • Wear something on your feet in the locker room and in the shower.
  • Never shave before going to a gym or while at the gym.
  • ALWAYS shower at home after your workout if you can.  If you can’t, use antimicrobial soap and blow-dry your feet to make sure they are moisture-free.
  • Put dirty clothes and shoes in a different bag than the one you have other stuff in.  So, a plastic bag will work fine for dirty clothes, not a gym bag with post-workout food in it.
  • Disinfect your gym bag with a spray or some sort and always wash your nasty gym clothes!
  • MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS EXAMINE YOUR SKIN!  See a doctor if a bump or red spot shows up, as it could be a MRSA infection which must be treated immediately.

germs in your gym will make you sick

3) Switch to HOME FITNESS

If you say that a gym is the place you need to exercise, ask yourself “why” after reading this article.  Is it really worth the trouble to exercise in a gym?  You can do all of your fitness from home, which will actually save you valuable time (it eliminates the excuse of “I don’t have time to exercise”) and money (no more monthly gym membership which you may not even use).  There are MANY advantages of having a free Team Beachbody Account which will actually give you an entire community of support, including myself.  Click here to sign up for a free Team Beachbody account now.

You can find many Beachbody home fitness programs on this site, from home fitness for beginners to extreme home fitness programs.  If something like the Body Beast fitness program is too intense for you, try another program listed there such as the Power 90 fitness program.

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