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Natural Flu Shot Alternative

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47 states have now been effected by the outbreak of the flu.  People aged 6 months and over are being urged to get a flu shot.  In fact, in my own experience, if you do not get one, you are looked at as if you are doing something terrible.  But many are seeking a natural flu shot alternative.  Is there one?

natural flu shot alternative

Seeking a natural flu shot alternative? GOOD. Read more.

You may have found my statement about the fact that if you do not get a flu shot, you are seen as something terrible as a bit overdramatic or sensationalized, but I am actually speaking from my own experience on several occasions.  Flu shots have become the social norm nowadays, and you are pretty much expected to get one every year to stop the spread of flu and so you do not get the flu yourself.  Consider the fact that this year’s flu outbreak happened in December (a month earlier than expected). Why the outbreak?  I thought the flu shot was supposed to prevent the flu.

But I need you to ask yourself an extremely important question: Is the flu shot actually safe to take?  Many doctors and nurses will say “yes”, but when I have asked them if they have had a flu shot, the answer may surprise you…they have NOT.  Dear reader, knowing this, wouldn’t it be safe to say that a natural flu shot alternative would be in your best interest?

Now, for all of you extreme home fitness lovers, you need to be on top of your game, and getting the flu will certainly take you out of it.  But you might wonder why I suggest using a natural flu shot alternative, such as nutrition, to boost your immune system.  Wouldn’t a flu shot be the quick, easy way to go?  It’s safe, after all…right?  Watch the video below as to why I explain that an alternative to the flu shot is in your best interest.

Natural Flu Shot Alternative

So as you can see from the video, after my dad contracted GuillainBarré Syndrome from a flu shot, I am absolutely opposed to getting one for myself, and it sickens me to my very core how much this is being pushed on people.  I have not gotten the flu in years (and no need to knock on wood either) because nutrition plays a key role in boosting my immune system.  Nutritious food is your best bet against getting sick because you will be boosting your immune system.

How Your Body Defends Itself

Not everyone will get Guillain–Barré Syndrome from a flu shot because your body has what is called “innate immunity”.  While you are in your mother’s womb, your immune system is activated by a “vestigial organ”–your appendix.  That’s right, just Google the term “appendix immune system” and you will find a lot of proof that your appendix is anything but a useless organ, and in fact if you didn’t have it, you’d be dead at birth.  However, if my dad was the 11th person in New York to get Guillain–Barré Syndrome from a flu shot that year, then that means anyone is at risk.

This is why you MUST watch what you eat.  Your nutrition plays a large role in immune system support.  By avoiding sugar, pasta and bread and instead eating raw fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, fish and lean cuts of meat, you will be boosting your immune system tremendously.  But while nutritious food is the best natural flu shot alternative, it is also expensive in today’s economy.  So how can you eat healthy on a budget so you don’t put a whole in your wallet?  It’s simple.

Natural Flu Shot Alternative Number One

Beachbody cordastraFirst, consider using Beachbody’s proven immune boosting product called Cordastra.  This very potent supplement supports your immune system, energy, and overall well-being—and it has now been made even more affordable than ever with a permanent price drop.  So strengthen your immune system, increase your energy and stamina and take advantage of this natural flu shot alternative that will help you ward off sickness this winter.  Click here to get  Cordastra NOW!

Natural Flu Shot Alternative Number Two

shakeology_Store_Detail_BounusGiftaSecondly, I’d like to introduce you to a product that was created by the people who brought you the P90X fitness program.  As you know, P90X is no joke.  It has probably transformed either your own physical fitness or the fitness of someone you know.  You know this product WORKS.  Here is another product that works, made by the same people–it is called “Shakeology“.  Shakeology is a performance shake used to boost your body’s nutritional needs.  It is NOT a weight loss shake; it is nutrient rich in over 70 healthy ingredients such as Moringa, Himalayan Salt, Luo Han Guo and Coconut Flower Nectar.

Use Shakeology as one meal replacement a day to ensure you are putting the most nutrient-dense foods possible into your body every single day.  It’s the best natural flu shot alternative I can think of.  Discounts on these products are available–just use this link to get all products at wholesale price: click here.

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