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Top 10 Foods that Fight Fat

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Are you one of the Americans who chips into the estimated $42 billion per year on weight loss products, “foods” and services — only to find that many of these don’t even work? Then it is time to get your kitchen in order and look at the foods that will fuel your body instead instead of merely temporarily “satisfy” your cravings. There are many types of foods that  help you win the battle of the bulge — here are my favorite top 10 foods that fight fat.

10) Nuts – Specifically Almonds and Walnuts. Right away you might be thinking, “David Rydelnik, are you crazy?! Almonds and walnuts are loaded with fat!” Ah, my friend, you do not know your fats! They are packed with fiber and contain unsaturated fat! Plus, they rank as a superfood because they regulate blood lipids and glucose to lower the risk of heart disease, and they help prevent diabetes! These nuts are plain and simple the right type of foods that fight fat, even though they contain HEALTHY fats, which are essential to your health.

9) Spinach – I used to love watching Popeye cartoons when I was a kid. To me, he was one of my heroes – picked on by Bluto constontaly. I was a shrimpy kid who was bullied a lot (heh, look at me now, baby!) and Popeye was someone I looked up to because when he ate that spinach, it was like he could do ANYTHING. I became addicted to spinach in 4th grade because of Popeye. I would consume baby spinach by the bag fulls after school. Spinach makes my top 10 foods that fight fat because of their ability to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke due to their rich folate content. It’s antioxidant power can prevent damage to artery walls, especially in the places in your arteries that are most vulnerable to inflammation — the bends and curves of your arteries.

8) Olive Oil – the reason olive oil is listed on my top 10 foods that fight fat is because olive oil helps to control blood sugar levels, and here’s how: it lowers insulin resistance which makes it helpful for people who are looking to control or prevent Type 2 Diabetes. Moreover, it helps your body effictively metabolize fat and sugar so that fat does not gather around your waistline. :)

7) Greek Yogurt – Calcium-rich Greek yogurt makes my list of foods that fight fat because the mineral calcium actually has been shown to fight fat, according to the director of the Nutrition Institute of Tennessee. He says that not getting enough calcium in your body raises the hormone calcitriol, which causes us to store fat. Meeting your daily needs of calcium will help you efficently burn fat.

6) Avocados – much attention is being given to avocados as of late since they have been shown to be rich in unsaturated fat, which can improve your overall cholesterol levels when used instead of saturated fat. Plus, not only are avocados one of the amazing foods that fight fat, but they help improve your feeling of fullness due to their fiber and unsaturated fat content. You will eat less and stay satiated longer.

5) Turkey – not just a great thanksgiving dinner, but also a superb source of lean protein, especially the amino acid leucine. Not only is it a building block of protein, it stimulates blood sugar and insulin levels to help you have greater weight loss. If gives your muscles a boost of glucose, which otherwise would be stored as fat. Instead, turkey makes my list of top 10 foods that fight fat because protein is an excelent way to lose weight with actual food!

4) Berries, especially blue berries –

3) Wild Salmon

2) Oatmeal

1) Lean, Grass Fed Beef

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