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Man, there are some advantages of being physically fit that go beyond the normal thoughts of better health, more energy, etc.  There is also opportunity…

Advantages of Being Physically FitI’ve gotta tell you, today was a great day.  I was chosen to be in an industrial print shoot for a fire company.  Basically, I was a model for their brand and I am on video and in pictures for this particular company and their equipment.  There are advantages of being physically fit, such as opportunities in life you may normally miss out on otherwise.  Because I have invested my time (approximately one hour or so a day, six days per week) to extreme home fitness, I was offered to do this job, and I may add that it paid very well.  I tell you this not to brag about it but to help you realize the real, practical advantages of being physically fit.  It isn’t just about looking good or some vain, muscle-headed stigma of trying to pick up chicks or something.  It’s about being able to do more in life–being able to do fulfilling things that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to do if I were overweight.  Does that make sense to you?  It’s about doing more and being more.

I mean, think of the things you could do if you took the time to take care of yourself!  Dream big for a second and really think about it, because if you do not dream big you will not have it.  Dreamers who dare to dream and then make those dreams a reality can change the world, but if you are a complacent excuse maker, then you’ll keep wondering if there will ever be more to life than just this.  It’s 2013, and the opportunities to be whatever you want to be are endless, but you must be the one who makes the changes in your own life; no one else can.  The question is, are you willing to do whatever it takes to get there?  Even in the midst of the worst economy we have seen in one hundred years, you can still reshape your own future.  I, for instance, have always aspired to be an actor and be in movies and television.  This gig I got today is a foot in the door, it’s one more thing on my resume and gosh darn it it’s me being further than I was yesterday.  I used fitness to get me there since I feel better about myself, I am more confident and I have a better outlook on life now.  These same advantages of being physically fit can apply to you as well, but you have to actually start.

And let me tell you, if you are an excuse maker who says, “Well gee, Dave, that’s nice but I work 8 jobs and have 20 mouths to feed at home” (obviously a blatant exaggeration but you get the picture), then nothing will change.  Anyone has 10 minutes, so why not start with the Ten Minute Trainer fitness program?  Why not become a Beachbody Coach and earn money with Beachbody from home instead of making someone you probably hate working for rich?  You can either get fit and get paid for it or you can sit on the sidelines and ask yourself “why me” or tell yourself “poor me”.  I already told you that the advantages of being physically fit are advantages that lead to a better outlook on life, and now you can have your financial house as well as your physical body in order–a double whammy if you will!

Health Advantages of Being Physically Fit

You may be one of those people who says it’s not worth the time and effort, or you could be one of those people I mentioned above who are just making excuses for themselves.  But the advantages of being physically fit are far reaching and range from keeping your weight down to having increased energy levels to improving your mood.

better mood
Better self esteem
Lowers risks for Cardiovascular diseases
Lowers risks for cancers
Lowers risks for sleep problems
Lowers risks for lung problems
Will look better as well as feel better
Can help lower risks for diabetes or cure type 2 diabetes
Regular exercise can help with pregnancy

Sleep apnea
Cardiovascular disease

If you are just starting out, the workout about (Ten Minute Trainer) may be ideal for you, or the  if you are a total newbie, or perhaps the Les Mills Combat fitness program would be a great one for you martial arts fans out there.  You extreme home fitness lovers will like the Body Beast Fitness Program or perhaps the P90X Fitness Program.  The Beachbody Challenge Pack option will give you even better results with your workouts.  In fact, if you want to grab hold of all of the advantages of being physically fit by the reigns, then the Beachbody Challenge is the best way to go.

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Hey everyone, David Rydelnik here again with some really AWESOME tips for you!  Today’s topic is all about how to stay motivated for working out.  I really hope this article is a game changer in your mindset of fitness and health.  Be sure to comment below if you loved what you read, and don’t forget to share it on Facebook!  Just click one of the social sharing buttons!

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In order for a person to stay motivated for working out, you need to remember this key point I am about to share with you: it’s about the actual thing that motivates you more than the amount of motivation you have–at least that is what research from the University of Kentucky suggest. And I think that it is the truth!  In order to stay motivated for working out, you need to be tuning into the motivating factors of why you want to exercise, because when it comes down to it, people know that they need to exercise, but you can have lots of motivation but no driving force behind it.  When I saw myself starting to get a belly hanging over my belt in late 2007, I knew I had to do something about it, but I didn’t start until February 2008.  Why?  Because I didn’t have something to reach for to help me stay motivated for working out, until December of 2007 came along and I couldn’t do one single pullup during a pullup contest.  When I told everyone that I would be able to do pullups by the end of the next year, everyone laughed at me and said, “No way are you going to do that”…and buddy you can believe that suddenly I had a motivator–to prove everyone wrong and to get people to stop doubting and believe in me!  And now, here it is less than a month away from 2013 and I am STILL on the warpath of fitness!  As you can see, my motivator was to earn respect from my friends who doubted me and now I;m actually an authority in fitness because of that!  Not only that, but I learned so many life lesson along the way about myself, my personality, the new things that I could do with a better, faster, and stronger body and the weaknesses which I needed to overcome, even if I failed at them repeatedly because in the end, I found success.  And THAT will stay with me for the rest of my life.

SO now, you need to find that hot button to get started and to stay motivated for working out.  When you find the motivator, you will find that fitness will be fun and rewarding and not a chore anymore. You’ll find that becoming physically fit is easier to accomplish than it has ever been and you’ll have a sense of doing something good for yourself (and if you become a Beachbody Coach, you’ll have a chance to do something rewarding for others! (To learn more about that, click that big ol’ button below!)

Stay Motivated for Working Out

Stay Motivated For Working Out by Finding Your Hot Button

I am going to point out a few topics for exercise, and if you fall into the categories that I lay out then you will know how to stay motivated for working out for the upcoming year and for life!  Pretty simple right?  Let’s do this.

Your motivator is HEALTH – if you find that you exercise because you know you have a family history of heart disease, or diabetes, or a cancer of some kind, or high blood pressure.  (Actually, my family has a history of all of these, but this is not my main motivator for fitness as I pointed out before.)  You also find that HEALTH is your motivator when you are always monitoring your calories burned, miles covered, etc. and that you are always interested in learning more ways to strengthen weak parts of your body.  You stay motivated for working out with HEALTH because your doctor advised tat you need to do it.  And  while HEALTH is by far one of the most powerful motivators, here is the secret to success: you have to actually want to do it, and not because you have to.  Exercise must be a choice made freely or you can forget about the routine sticking with you for long.  So make sure you set goals like, “I will exercise 5-6 days per week” and not, “I will lose 30 pounds by the end of “X amount” of days.  Make sure it is scheduled into your daily routine and make sure you are tough on yourself to stick to it.

Your motivator is MEETING OTHER PEOPLE – there are a lot of people who need to exercise in groups.  Fortunately as someone with a free Team Beachbody account, you can find a local fit club in your area and even earn money with Beachbody by holding your own fit clubs.  But if you’re one who loves to run with others, do 5Ks and 10Ks, go to the gym and chat with people, or do some kind of boot camp class, chances are that your motivator is MEETING OTHER PEOPLE.  Joining a sports team will keep you going into the New Year, and letting others know via the social networks that fitness is your thing will keep you accountable.  But this is exactly why the option to make money with P90X is absolutely essential in your arsenal.  That would be your ultimate secret to success, especially with the option of joining or running your own fit club.  Consider the fact that as a partner with me, you could have an incredible separate income stream coming in by only working part time, just like I do.  Click Work with David Rydelnik to find out more.

Your motivator is lookin’ good – if



(Hey folks, my internet is running really slowly so I will be finished with this article on the evening of December 19, 2012. Come back then!)

Stay Motivated For Working Out

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Using Your God-Given Talents

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Before I start this one, I literally just read an amazing quote from the late, great, Jim Rohn: “The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch.” Take a moment to digest that one and ask yourself if you are a DOER or only a watcher…or in my opinion, something even worse — only someone who talks big but takes no action in doing anything (and I am guilty of this one so I have every right to say that it is worse!). This actually leads right into what I had planned on writing, so it is very cool that I saw that quote. I’m going to talk about using your God-given talents.

I have to give credit where credit is due because this is something I actually recorded on a call that one of my previous mentors, Phil Gentilcore, led one night in June, 2009. I have written ad nauseum about the reasons why you need to have a mentor, and in this case Phil’s mentor was a speaker by the name of Tony Robbins. Mr. Robbins spoke about using your God-given talents and Phil was able to take that information and relay it to us, so I am going to give you the benefit of that powerful training, and I hope you can use it for the benefit of others!

So, I want you to think about your God-given talent or talents for a second. I want you to take 30-60 seconds, close your eyes, and imagine that if you were to meet your Maker tomorrow and He were to ask, “If there was only ONE talent I gave you, what would that be?” Think about it — what God-given talent or talents have you been given? Is it the ability to sing? Is it the ability to teach children? Is it a physical ability? Is it compassion? What were you given? Now, if you can’t think of anything, I can guarantee that your life is not working for you and that there is something missing.

Now, on the other side of that, if you thought about what your talents are, ask yourself this, “am I applying it to serve the world?” The word servant is used in the Bible over 1,232 times, which should give you a clue on the meaning of life and fulfillment. Are you using your God-given talents for the benefit of the world? Someone may ask you, “What do you do?” and you may say “I’m a police officer”, or “I’m a teacher”, or “I’m a stock broker” or “I’m an office manager” etc, etc, but is that really who you are? One of the things that may surprise you is that you might not know what your talents are until you face your deepest fears. I was never a great public speaker in high school; in fact, I sucked at it big time. When I began network marketing (surprisingly enough), they MADE ME do public speaking, and it honestly sounded like something I wanted to do, but needed to develop. So I watched others, and asked them questions, and learned from duplicating what they do. Now I can get in front of a room and keep the entire room focused on me with NO PROBLEM at all! Not only can I do that, but I like to think that I can add value to people’s lives! See, our fears and those things which we fail at in life are our biggest teaching tools. And this, in a way, is one of the problems that people who are “doing okay” will have because they don’t have the capacity to truly go after what they want; it’s like a curse to them. They have no capacity for growth, change, and desire. They hunger for nothing, so they stay mediocre. That’s why if you want to be successful in internet network marketing or in anything, you have to go beyond your capacity. In my old network marketing company, one of the top earners who grossed over $3 million every month in billing volume (so in other words, he makes over $100,000 a month, residually) has read over 600 books on network marketing. That is why he is so successful — he wasn’t okay with reading just 4 or 5 books and “doing okay”. After reading 600 books he said that there are 3 keys that he found. Here are the keys:

Key number 1) You can’t be in what you are doing, it has to be in you. Whatever it is that you are doing, it must be in you. It needs to keep you awake at night just thinking about it. I see people who will become a Beachbody Coach, for example, and then just kind of hang around waiting for something to happen rather than taking initiate. There are people who will learn about me and then decide to work with me during their moment of inspiration, and then they won’t even call me so I can help them! I can’t convince anyone to do anything — it must be IN you.

Key number 2) We accept that most people are not willing to commit to change – Most people will not commit to conference calls, going to trainings every single week, reading personal development books or listening to personal development audio, etc. We can accept that most people are not going to be willing to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Key number 3) Commit to the work ethic. COMMIT to WORK ethic. You need to start being creative and innovative and be ahead of the curve. Why do you think this website works? Because I was creative, I had the right mentors to teach me, and now I don’t have to hunt down people who want to earn money with Beachbody, but instead, hungry people who are looking for an opportunity with the right leader to guide them come to me. I don’t have to convince these people that their life could be better, or they could be financially free if they work with me.

Now, let’s look at you for a moment, shall we? You probably have some talents that are hidden way deep inside of you, and your job is not allowing you to your those talents and therefore your life is probably not working! Think about it: most people are not passionate about something, most people don’t get out of bed and say “Oh, God, THANK YOU for another day, another chance, another opportunity to serve!” Most people are rolling out of bed, hitting the alarm clock and saying, “Well, here we go again, same s—, different day”, looking for an excuse to call in sick. That’s no way to live!  So the point is, you should always be doing something a little different than everyone else, being a little more creative than everyone else. FORCE YOURSELF to do the simple little things that successful people do every single day, which are quite easy to do, but also quite easy not to do. By honing in and using your God-given talents to make a difference in your own life, you can find people who are also willing and hungry to change their own lives as well.

Will you accept the work that will be before you? If you aren’t using your God-given talents, then they are not growing, or developing, or multiplying. The one thing we all have the same amount of right now: the present time we are in at this very moment. We all have the same 24 hours in the day. Tomorrow as well, and the next day. So what depends on where you want be in the next 1-3 years from today and how you use that time. Here is a perfect example: On June 14, 2009, the LA Lakers and the Orlando Magic played in the NBA championship. Now, throughout the year, those other teams in the NBA that didn’t play in the championship probably watched the games on television to see the other teams play. However, the Lakers and the Magic used their time in a better way. What do I mean by that? They scored more baskets, they played harder defense, they practiced harder and they did not squander the use of their time. How many people wake up at age 50 or 60 or 70 and they say, “Where did my life go? Is this it?” and their social security check comes in or hopefully they’ve done things well financially — or who am I kidding? Most people don’t. Most people are retiring and hopefully their mortgages are all paid off and hopefully they are a place where they can retire, but that’s not most people. Only 3% of the world controls all the wealth. The problem is, most people blame that 3% instead of doing they things they could have done to actually get their themselves! So the question for you is this: are you going to keep squandering time or are you going to start using your God-given talents and gifts that’s going to allow you to touch the lives of other people, allow you to be a servant, and allow you to use your gifts in a world where there is so much pain?

My friend Phil Gentilcore met a man who earned $5 million on the internet in a matter of 36 hours. The internet is a fantastic way to earn money because it as never felt the bite of a recession (and HINT, HINT, you can learn how to earn money on the internet from ME). The guy who earned the $5 million — his wife spent $2.5 million of it in the first six months of them having it. What did she spend it on? A little small village in Africa where some of the mothers died during childbirth. What a travesty that is, in a world like where we live in, no one should die from childbirth. A lot of the children are born HIV positive there, and they don’t know it, the mothers don’t know it, so to make a long story short, this woman used the money to build a hospital there so that women can give birth there and live and have healthy babies. Why do you think I decided to earn money with Beachbody with network marketing in the first place? I’ve talked about it before — so I can touch many lives. It’s not about what I can receive, but what I can give which is the most rewarding thing for me.

Will you squander your time? Or will you start using your God-given talents to touch the lives of others? Please comment below and if you found this post helpful, please share it with others.

By now, if you guys have been regularly following my blog, you know that I earn money with Beachbody both offline and online. And you also know that if you join either myself or someone on our team of Beachbody Coaches, you know that I will teach you everything you need to know to make your business successful both with Team Beachbody’s “Coach Training Academy” and everything I teach you in my essential Beachbody Coach training and my bonuses you get when you become a Beachbody Coach through this site.

Making money online with Team Beachbody is simple when you work with David Rydelnik

You may wonder WHY I am doing internet marketing with Team Beachbody in the first place. What was my reason to start making money online with Team Beachbody? Why did I choose Team Beachbody as my vehicle to make money online and not another company? Honestly, the answer is simple: I don’t want to work for anyone else who will tell me how much I am worth, and I want to have my student loan debt paid off faster. Plus, to be painfully honest (and I certainly don’t mind being open about it and sharing this), when my dad died, I wanted to make sure my mom wouldn’t have to change her lifestyle due to the loss of my father and the loss of income to her house. I want to help her financially, and making money online with Team Beachbody will help me do just that.

The BEST Reason for Making Money Online with Team Beachbody

Plus, the company itself makes sense, as I have said before, because our fitness programs are so incredibly popular. But there is an even bigger reason than just the company itself when it comes to making money online with Team Beachbody, and that is simply ME! You have a chance to work with David Rydelnik hand-in-hand and take all of my knowledge and leadership and use it! And guys, I am ALWAYS making sure I continue to educate myself in the concepts of online marketing so that I can help you be successful. For instance, I am working a new course to help you guys who are brand new to the concept of internet marketing called “Dean Holland’s Quick Start Challenge“. Mr. Dean Holland is an online marketer who is one of my mentors, and as I posted a few days ago, there are several reasons why you need to have a mentor, and personally I have several, so that I can help serve you better. Now, his training today was for newbies, like how to get a blog and start it right, but I still learned something.

So if you have an interest in making money online with Team Beachbody with me, leave me a comment below. If you are ready to work with me, let’s get you started! Please leave any questions or comments below! I always appreciate your feedback and it will help me serve you better.

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UPDATE July 26, 2012: Thanks for visiting!  This post about developing more purpose in your life, along with several other posts, are part of a personal development series I have been writing.  However, I am now devoting this website strictly to health and fitness.  If you would like to read more about this topic, please also visit

New here? Like my page on Facebook!  Stay up to date with new posts on practical ways to absolutely make your body better inside and out! I even have giveaways and a chance win prizes.

I’ve written several articles in the past on this website about developing more purpose in your life. But today, I want to continue on that path since it seems like everyone I talk to seems so negative lately. I have heard it said that your body is amazing. You can give your body a do-over — an ULTIMATE RESET, if you will, and that it doesn’t take long and it isn’t complicated. You just need to know what to actually DO. It’s knowing what to do that is sometimes the “Mysterious” part of life. I’ll give you an example — I teach music privately because I am an accomplished musician and I want to empower students to be able to get more out of life thru music, just as it has given me that same empowerment. Earlier today, one of my students had an “AHA!” moment about playing with more ease and relaxation on trumpet. The crazy thing is, I have taught this to him all along…but as I say, “You are your own best teacher. I am the guide who tells you what to do an how to do it, but sometimes you have to go thru trial and error, or failure to success, to get the feeling of what it’s actually supposed to feel and sound like”. This might be confusing to read but basically what I am saying is that to succeed, you have to fail. But we don’t like failure — but we must do it in order to succeed! I hope that I gave him a sense of purpose with music, now that he has had that moment of “AHA!” today.

I want to talk about the “what to do” in developing more purpose in your life, and here is why. It seems to me like people think they have no control over anything that happens in their lives, or they just want to get stuff handed to them for nothing. So I’ll give you a quote by Bill Gates: “If you‘re born poor it’s not your fault; but if you die poor, it’s definitely your fault”. Yes, you actually DO have some control over what happens to you and your quality and even length of life. And the truth of the matter is this — finding purpose in your life is actually a FUN part of life. Developing more purpose in your own life is actually what can bring you some happiness rather than what I hear from a lot of people, which is “Same s***, different day”. You can actually LOVE what you do in life, day in and day out. How? Simply, entrepreneurship is designed to help you have a passion about something, which you can actually be thankful for and love doing. Before I talk about the “what to do”, let’s consider a few things first.

Focus on Helping Others, Not Just Yourself

See, it seems like we emphasize the wrong things: I want to be beautiful, so I must spend money on cosmetics, surgeries, fashion, and so on. I think there is SO MUCH MORE to life than just these outward appearances that we over-emphasise day to day. I don’t think one can appreciate the true beauty of life and the things that God has given us when we focus on these things. Instead, working to help others, personally developing more self-esteem, and developing more purpose in your life can really change your outlook on EVERYTHING. When we do that, we find that it’s more about empowering other people in the end than just ourselves. The reason I say that is because I am writing this article to empower you. I would not be able to write it if I had not worked on myself and then said, “Wow, I need to share this with others”.

We Need Each Other.

Self-reliance is not a bad thing by any means, but our interactions with other people are important too. And I must say, it can have an effect on your health as well when you develop deeper relations with other people. You can stave off depression and add years to your life, especially when it comes to trying to get thru stressful times, IF you have someone you can confide in and connect with. On the other hand, if you have internal struggles that you aren’t talking about to people you can trust, you increase your chance of developing mental and physical ailments, and effect your longevity. Some people have a hard time trusting people due to past hurts. In developing more purpose in your life, you need other people. Look at the model of the church in the Bible — they were always connected with each other; there was no such thing as a “loner Christian”. So, taking the model of closeness with others (this is despite your religious beliefs), you must connect with someone whom you can fully trust. As I said before, you may have been hurt in the past — you have to get thru that or you will continue to hurt. Think of that as a failure on your way to a successful, healthy relationship with someone else.

The “What To Do”

So, in developing more purpose in your life, create a mission statement for yourself. Focus on your WHY in life — why are YOU here? Are you here just to get by, living by the motto “life’s a b**** and then you die”, or are you here to not only better yourself, but to better and serve others? THEN, if you are not doing something you are PASSIONATE about, DO IT, rather than something that you hate just make ends meet. You may have this huge mountain of financial woes in your life, and you are working a job you can’t stand with a boss you despise just to put food on the table. What about, at the same time, focusing on a skill you have so that you can get out of the thing in life you hate the most? Develop that passion into a skill and then other things like money will fall to place because you will excel naturally at it! For me, it is music, entertaining, and the ability to earn money with Beachbody. I am passionate about all three, I excel in all three, and I teach other’s to be successful in all three. And, don’t throw in the towel, EVER. Don’t retire early (adding 5 years to your retirement date decreases your mortality by 10%, and another 10% every 5 year increment – especially when it comes to heart-related deaths). If you quite your job, GREAT, but find something ELSE to put in it’s place so that you have PURPOSE!!! This way, you can still plan for retirement but have something else to keep you going. And contribute to your 401k!

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How to Change Your Circumstances

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I like to have “power talks” with people whom I believe can really make a difference in my life. One of those guys is Jerry Luis Arichabala, who is also on our team of Beachbody Coaches. Jerry is a really amazing guy, and someone whom I consider a mentor to me, in a way. Funny thing — I’ve never met him in real life!!! Yet, he’s had a really positive influence on me. The other night we were talking and he said that in order for someone to change their current circumstances, they have to get out of their comfort zone., and that successful people ALWAYS get out of their comfort zones.  He also said that the majority of people he sees actually don’t get out of theirs. If you want to change your circumstances, you won’t get very far if you don’t change yourself first. What I mean by that is, you have to actually move away from whatever it is that impedes your growth as an individual.



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Overcoming Laziness

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This is a topic that I hope piques your interest and causes you to take action. When I asked on Facebook what people wanted to read about, one topic was getting MOTIVATED. I assume that they meant with fitness, but this can apply to work, school, family life — you name it, really. So, I’ll be writing a series of articles on getting motived; this is the first one, and it is about Overcoming Laziness.

When we talk about laziness, what comes to mind? Some might think of “sloth”, as in one of the “Seven Deadly Sins” (not to be confused with the character from The Goonies). Maybe “procrastination” comes to mind, which will be the topic of the next article in this series. So these are just a couple of areas people lack in when overcoming laziness.

But what about “preparation”? Ever notice that most people try to get through their day, as opposed to getting something from or out of their day?

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